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The Region's Leader in Dealer Financing for Bad Credit Customers

Tebo Financial Services has dealer financing programs for customers with bad credit. Our dealer base covers Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and we continue to add states on a regular basis.

With the leading dealer financing resources, tools and top rated customer service, our dealing financing programs allow you to convert more sales for prospects with bad credit than with any other dealer financier. Quit letting business walk out the door because you can't find a dealer financing program that offers the flexibility to work with bad credit rating prospects.

We know how to get your customers approved - that's the Tebo Advantage.

  • Our main criteria are a stable residence, employment and income.
  • Our knowledge of retail auto sales, and experience on the dealer side of the financing relationship, has allowed us to develop superior solutions and tools that have made us the midwest leader in dealer financing for those of your customers with bad credit.

Partner with Tebo Financial Services today. It's as easy as calling us at 888-441-4344 or contacting us online.

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Tebo Financial Services, a privately held corporation, was formed in 1993 for the purpose of acquiring and servicing sub-prime and non-prime retail installment contracts originated by local car dealerships. The corporation's principals have over 70 years of combined experience in the retail auto sales and finance industries.

Previously named Atlantic Financial Services, the company changed its name in 2010 due to its growth and expansion in several states. By investing heavily in both technology and talented people, Tebo dealer financing has developed the programs and infrastructure needed to maintain its consistent and controlled growth in an industry where few companies survive.

Tebo Terrific

I just wanted to say thank you to the staff at TEBO Financial. It has always been frustrating to watch a customer walk out of the dealership that wants to buy a car. TEBO has allowed us to take and almost eliminate that from happening. We were trying to find answers for this due to the increase in good people having challenging credit. Thank you for the new ways to make a deal happen. It seems that TEBO stays on the cutting edge of what is going on in the marketplace. Being able to call and hear someone wanting to find a way to do a deal versus turn a deal down is refreshing. The call backs are fair on payments and being able to warranty the vehicles are a big plus. It is great getting the deals funded quickly, which is always a push. Thank you to everyone there. It is a pleasure doing business and thank you for being ahead of the pack not just another lender.

- Steve Cummins &
Sharon Gammon
Bobby Layman's Chevrolet


For a subprime lender reaching as deep as TEBO does, they have supurb communications through the entire approval/funding process... We wish more lenders would take notes on how TEBO does it" 

-Joe Ayrault
Doan Family of Dealers


I have had a great relationship with TEBO over the past few years. Good solid funding and eager on their side makes it an easy fit for me.

- Mark Reeves
Springfield, OH


TEBO Financial is the solution for auto dealers who want to maximize their client base and inventory turn. Tebo offers credit to consumers that other lenders turn down, even consumers in a bankruptcy or with multiple repos. Shorter term lending enables your clients to upgrade faster. Why send the bulk of your clients out 72 months and eliminate your potential to sell two cars to the same person in two years? Tebo is a win/win.

- Karoline Ross
Lindsay Automotive


TEBO Financial Services is one of our top sub-prime lenders. They buy as deep as anyone in the business and their staff is great to work with. They make every effort to put a deal together. TEBO has been a big asser to our sub-prime dept.

- Mike Thom
Jake Sweeney Chevrolet
Cincinnati, OH