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Tebo Makes It Easy -- How to Get a Loan Even With Poor Credit!

Dignity. Respect. These are hardly ever words associated with getting a loan with a poor credit history. Tebo is here to change that perception. We believe you will be treat terrifically through all aspects of our loan application, approval process, and even throughout the period when you are making payments.

Our goal at Tebo is to delight you when you find you need a loan. We offer numerous types of loans for people with poor credit. Our loan process is easy! All we ask is that you show you currently have a regular income stream, no matter how little it may be. When you apply for your loan, please have the following items available:

  • Social Security Number
  • A contact phone number
  • A contact email address
  • Your employer name and address
  • Your gross monthly pay
  • Your monthly mortgage or rent payment
  • and... the purpose for your loan

It's really that easy! Once you submit your loan application, we are able to process your loan application within 3 business days, and many times faster than that. The only reason we ever experience a delay is if your application has missing information. So when you apply, please provide all your information together. That way, you'll be on your way to obtaining a loan from Tebo as quickly as possible.

Once you've assembled the above information, It's quick and easy to apply for a loan today:

1) call us at 888-237-2773,

2) contact us online,

3) apply for a consumer loan online, or

4) stop in to our Canton, Ohio office - get directions

  1. Apply online or call
    888-237-2773 for a loan.
  2. Application processed within 2 business days
  3. Buy with assurance.

Tebo Terrific

- All Loan applications are TREATED with dignity and respect.

- All loan applications will be TRANSACTED urgently and with a sense of priority.

- All loan customers of TEBO will receive terrific customer care.